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Making a better place for our future generation

Connect and sponsor an underpriviledge students through I.T.

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A computer crowdsourcing initiative to foster digital learning to underprivileged B40 students. 12 months contractual gifting enables B40 students to use a i5 laptop with FREE service and uninterrupted usage.

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To narrow down the education gap through digitalization.

3 Major Challenges PC Donation

Sambong Future embraced contractual gifting.

We need to structure a good CSR initiative with something different.

Obsolete Equipments


Services fees were never affordable for B40 groups


Cash converted easily by the recipients

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Testimonials of Donees



SK Bukit Lanjan

I want to thank my donor, Mr Dennis Chin & Sambong Future.
I want to use this laptop to gain more knowledge. 


SK Bukit Lanjan

Thank you Mr KK Chan & Sambong Future for this laptop.
I wish to become a teacher, use this laptop to study and change the faith of my family. 


SK Bukit Lanjan

Thank to Ms Selena Chan & Sambong Future for this laptop.
I hope to be a pilot and use this laptop to increase my own knowledge. 

SK Bukit Lanjan 5 students thanking their donors supporting them for a laptop

Handover laptops to SK Bukit Lanjan students on 1st July 2022

Mr Zaini, Donor sharing his thoughts on Sambong Future

𝐀ppreciation 𝐒peech from our Lovely Donee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is the B40 laptop sponsorship program?
The sponsorship program per contract is 12 months for both donor & donee.

2. What happens after 12 months of contract?

After 12 months, we will collect back the laptop and re-match the Donor & Donee.

3. After a 12 months period, how does the donee return the laptop? 
Drop off at the school / Deliver back to Sambong Future Office.

4. Is there a certain damage or lost of equipment cost involved?

Yes. Under the endorsement application form, donee will be liable for any lost & damages. Donee is required to protect and take care of his/her laptop.

5. What happens if there are some issues with the laptop during the 12 months period? Who should the student contact for technical support?

Students can scan the QR code sticker on the laptop wallpaper to get direct link access to log a ticket or call +6018-222 8899.

Photos & Media Press Release

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